Friday, May 31, 2002

The headline today jumped out at me: "FBI eases restrictions on domestic spying." I could hardly contain my excitement! I started to break out my wiretapping equipment and "bathroom cams" when I realized that this easing of restrictions probably relates to the FBI spying on us, not us spying on each other.

Earlier this week, I had been struck by some international news. "NATO names Russia 'Junior Partner.'" What the hell is that? Sounds like a job that daddy, president of the Cracker Factory, creates for his pimply-faced 18-year-old son. How honored the Russians must feel. Once a great superpower that managed to make us mess our pants because they put a little aluminum ball out of space, now they're a "junior partner" with a special plastic badge and U.N. decoder ring.

On to a reader letter:

Excited reader and longtime pal Bill Paulk writes:

The writing, as always, is pithy and imaginative. However, the site itself is suffering from lack of technical support. I tried to email you from the site--one time it took me directly to Yahoo!'s main page, and the other time it just said "dead link" or some other IT jargon.

Editor's comment: Well, monkeyballs. It seems our telephone support staff and I.T. team have been on vacation (or are they on strike?). But I cracked some skulls and the problem has been fixed.